QDR Homegrown Country: October 9, 2022

Featured Artist Marye Amanda (Greenville) — We’ll hear her latest single “The Other Girl” and she’ll also be performing a song for us live in the qdr studios “Better Luck” Maryeamandamusic.com

Marye Amanda with us at QDR

Jeff Leonard (originally from Louisburg) — “Don’t Let You’re Heart go to You’re Head” 

Currie Wayne Clayton Jr (Fayetteville) — “Man’s Coming Down” 

Allison Radcliffe (Dunn) — “Getting Even” 

Jennifer Alvarado (Vale) — “Catfish” 

Caroline Dare (Greenville) — “Two Different Parties” 

Pictured Above:  Homegrown Host Jason Adamo (left) and Marye Amanda (right)