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Fursday: Meet Do-Si-Do from APS of Durham!

Have you ever thought to yourself, I’d really like to have a dog that is calm, silly, sweet, cuddly, and plays well with other dogs? Meet Do-Si-Do. Fortunate for you, she checks all those boxes. We can’t quite figure out why Do-Si-Do is still here, considering she’s all types of perfect. This girl is not only a quick learner, but a fantastic teacher. She has been the fan favorite pick for doggy play group and is a joy to take out of the shelter. She’s looking for a fetch throwing partner and someone to provide her with lots of treats and love. Come throw the ball with this sweet girl today.  

Kids: 8+, anxious, can be jumpy/pawsy, worried by fast movements

Dogs: Friendly, playful, enjoys rough and tumble play

Check him out!